Lexi Lind
Trainer, co-founder
Alexis (Lexi) has a huge passion for competing and coaching both in the Equestrian World and the Fitness World. Lexi has been actively involved in the Equestrian world since she was 8 years old. Lexi is a Pony Club A graduate, ICP Level 2 Certified Instructor as well as an accomplished FEI 2* level rider. She holds multiple Preliminary and Intermediate — USEA Area 7 championships, as well as multiple — USEA Area 7 Rider of The Year awards. Lexi knows what it takes to compete at the highest level. Lexi’s passion for fitness and competition drew her to the fitness industry where she stepped into the world of Body Building competition. She holds multiple 1st place finishes as well as many top 5 finishes in the All-Natural Bodybuilding Circuit. Lexi holds 2 Personal Training Certifications, ASFA, NCSF, and is also certified as a group fitness instructor. With over 25 years teaching and coaching in the Equestrian World, and just over 5 years in the Fitness industry, Lexi has strengthened her passion for developing the “Whole Athlete” in both her riders and her fitness clientele. The perspective that Lexi has developed in her 30 years of competition has made a significant impact on her coaching philosophy. Lexi has dedicated her time to developing a stronger and fitter rider that not only “feels” more but through physical conditioning can support their horse’s ability to perform at their best. Lexi’s mantra is “Bridging the Gap Between Rider and Horse!”
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I have been very satisfied with the results achieved working with Lexi. After her initial assessment, we targeted exercises that specifically addressed areas of muscle weakness which impacted my riding. The challenge we faced is that I am a beginning rider in my mid-sixties and my riding techniques caused muscle strain, likely because I was not engaging my body correctly.

I appreciated Lexi’s creative approach; it was very clear each time we worked together that she had thoughtfully prepared for our session and had designed a very targeted but creative work-out. In each session she was very clear about what we were targeting and how it would benefit my riding.

I feel Lexi’s approach is exceptional because it is so highly personalized. It is very apparent to me that Lexi challenges herself to create a training program that is absolutely unique to the individual.

Susan Devoille,Amateur Rider

As I started getting back into riding last year, I wanted to improve my fitness in the saddle. My riding instructor recommended getting some personal training sessions from Lexi. I began working out with her twice a week and saw great improvement in my balance and overall fitness. I felt much stronger in my core and loved how her work outs targeted areas that helped with my riding. Lexi is wonderful to work with and extremely committed to helping her clients reach their goals. Equestrian or not, I highly recommend working with her!”

Sandra McNamara, Event Rider

I would highly recommend Lexi as a personal trainer for Equestrians. She is superbly qualified, easy to work with , and improved my riding in just a couple sessions! I was initially referred to Lexi from a friend at Gold's gym- when I was competing in the Golds gym fitness challenge . Lexi asked me about my riding and fitness / weight loss goals. She made a plan to meet my goals and I did!! I met my challenge goals- thanks to her knowledge and support . Lexi is amazing . To find a personal fitness trainer who is also a high level eventer with over 20 years of training who listens, explains clearly , is passionate , and above all , is pleasant to work with was the best!! Lexi has a knack of understanding what to work on , she individualized each workout for me , and was prepared with a plan each session. She taught me specific core exercises for balance -to keep me on my horse safely -and strengthened muscles to help my riding , that will also benefited my horse. I can not recommend her highly enough!”

Annie Norton, Hunter Rider


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